Rassion aan tafel met Drums of Death

Afgelopen week traden Peaches en Drums of Death op in de Melkweg, een perfect moment voor ons om Mr Drums of Death aka Colin Bailey aka De Man met het Masker is flink aan de tand te voelen over onder andere raving, Londen, Peaches’ persoonlijkheid en ja natuurlijk ook over zijn schmink. Colin Bailey bleek een nuchtere Schot vol humor die zonder zijn schmink eigenlijk gewoon een gezellig zacht eitje is haha. Enjoy! Oh en vergeet er niet een Schots accent bij te bedenken..

#mei 090

We became familiar with your music trough a Vice party. How was that for you? It seemed to us people didn’t really get your music.
Yeah.. Well the line-up was dope, Autokratz, Fake Blood, but the sound was really bad. We all thought so. But it was all good, I was just a little disappointed that it wasn’t the life changing, gut punching rave that it should have been haha.”

Maybe Amsterdam is not ready for the raving you are talking about?

“No, totally! You Dutch fuckers are crazy! You are clearly straight up crazy. Maybe you don’t know it yet, which makes it even more fun..”

 You don’t think it’s a phenomenon that’s constricted to the UK?

 “No, not at all. I was in Hamburg earlier on this tour and everybody, even the label, said Germany wouldn’t get wild but Hamburg got crazy! It’s just this punk-rock energy, a primitive animalistic thing that is a bit like club music but something more crazy and less constricted. More primal, more fun, more punk-rock basically. I think  that energy is universal.”

You grew up in Scotland, but now live in London. Do you feel more free to do your thing in London then you did in Glasgow?
“A lot more. Let me put it like this: Colin Bailey was born in Glasgow, but Drums of Death was born in London. Drums of Death comes from London music, which has such a great history of punk-rock, beast and dance music. London is the  perfect place for all that to melt perfectly, which is great for me!”

So how do you feel about the creativity and the overall vibe in London?

London’s creativity: yes! London’s disctractions: yes! If you want to work hard, London is the place to go. If you want to pretend you work hard, but just go to parties all the time, London is the place to go. If you just want to go to parties all the time, London is the place to go. So you just really have to choose what you want to do.. You either go crazy, or you  work hard and meet new people that inspire you greatly and get thém asking you to do stuff for them. You just have to choose your ways. Like, I don’t go out that much no more.. I’ve done enough drugs to knock an elephant’s head off, but now I much rather spend time perfecting my album, because that’s more important to me. I just want to create something that’s going to knock everybody of their feet you know?”

 #mei 085
Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

“I listen to a lot of bands again, like The Gang Gang Dance from last year and Dananananaykroyds. I actually  used to run a club with one of the guitar players and I used to live with the other guitar player, so I’m happy to see they are doing well haha.  Glasgow is a big thing at the moment, it’s doing really well and there are some great artists/labels! People from London love all the stuff that’s coming from Glasgow at the moment. Also there is this producer from Paris, he is a really good friend of mine,  his name is Débruit. He makes some of the craziest shit! You know Flying Lotus? He will kick his ass! It’s not so smooth, it’s more French, it’s more like going to piss you off when you dance, more jazzy and weird and crunky and nasty. Oh and I love Kanye’s record, I think Love Lockdown is a massive tune! Peaches and me have been singing it non-stop in the tour bus haha.”

 Who ever thought Drums of Death liked Kanye! Any plans of creating a Love Lockdown remix?

No… I kinda want to do it, but I kinda don’t. I am working on a dubstep remix of a Black Sabbath song at the moment though. That’s going to be crazy. Like when the *schreeuwt een geluid, trommelt op de tafel, maakt een aparte arm-zwaai beweging*..oooh, it will be perfect! I love remixing old classics! Remixing new stuff gets kinda boring.”

Let’s talk about your painted face. Is it a voodoo thing, a way to express your affection with death? Is there a reason you paint your face?

 “People want to know everything all the time, they are obsessed with knowing. When I come on the stage with the make-up people will be like “OK..” and they immediately start asking questions in their head. And I want people to keep asking. It makes them feel out of their comfort zone, and me too! I think it’s important when you play a show that you take people out of their comfort zone. It’s a way to loosen people up and get them dancing. Plus I want to stand out as an act, beat all my friends haha. I’m a very competitive person!”

So why this patron? It looks a bit voodoo-ish.

 “Actually it’s taken from various pictures and documentations from the Day of the Death, a festival held in Mexico in the end of October. Also I grew up loving zombies and all that stuff, so I just found it something fun to do.”

 Do you reckon any of us can put it on the right way?

 “It’s a top secret method…And I’m not telling you.. “

We understand. Because you don’t want everybody in the street looking like you..

 “Haha, that’s what it is. For live shows it’s never massively tidy though, because that’s not really the point. So I reckon it’s not too hard to put on.”

#mei 089

How has the tour with Peaches been so far? She seems to be a very “in your face” kinda person.

“It’s been great actually! We’ve been working together for a little while now, we met last May in Berlin and I did this mixtape thing for her and now we are here. You know, I grew up listening to her music and she was exactly what I expected her to be. She’s focused, professional, chilled out, a joker.. I think people expect her to be manic and crazy all the time, but you won’t be able to get trough your life like that!”

Your last tour was with Hot Chip. Hot Chip vs Peaches.

 “As in a fight? 5 guys against one girl hmm… I think Peaches will probably win that actually! Hot Chip are like 5 nice and neat English guys and then you have Peaches hahaha.”

 Haha we would put our money on Peaches aswell. What can we expect from you this year? What’s coming up?

 “My next 12” single is out in July and I’m busy remixing for different artists. Also my album drops in September and I’m going to debut my live-band with a tour through the UK and US. It’s going to be a big band, tons of drums, just one big gospel-rave! It’s going to be crazy live shows with flashing lights, more chaos, more noise. And the band members are going to be painted as well. I want to do more gig shows, clubby stuff but messy and loud.. Really really loud!”

 Well, we will be looking forward to it. Thank you for the chat. It’s a wrap!


4 Responses to “Rassion aan tafel met Drums of Death”

  1. 1 Floor 18 mei, 2009 om 7:35 pm


  2. 2 baybeh 21 mei, 2009 om 4:46 pm

    wow ik ben nu vet benieuwd hoe hij er in het echt uit ziet! konden jullie geen paparazzi shots maken?! hahah

  3. 3 Cath 22 mei, 2009 om 9:57 am

    pfff nee! ik wou eigenlijk een foto maken terwijl hij zijn schmink aan het opdoen was, maar dat mocht niet :( dat zou pas een mooi stukje fotografie geworden zijn

  4. 4 СловаьИстории 24 juli, 2009 om 1:47 am

    Галеас – военный корабль, состоявший на вооружении многих стран Европы в XVI—XVII вв. Усовершенствованная крупная галера.
    Вот так вот! =) Интересно? – Заходи для выше сайт :)

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