Zeitleine 2009-3009

Hela! Wij hebben zoals je hier boven kunt zien echt een top avond gehad als hostess in de Flexbar de 31ste. Zoals jullie natuurlijk wel weten was het thema 3010. Wij hadden een prachtige Zeitmachine en een Zeitleine gemaakt.  Ze waren beide een groot succes, alleen een tijdlijn met zoveel tekst was na een paar wodka niet meer te doen. Vandaar hebben we besloten om het ook online te knallen, en omdat wij online veel liever zijn dan offline krijgen jullie er pardoes nog een paar extra bij. Na de jump meer!

2014- The last cigarette.

By the year of 2014 all cigarettes were banned. Smoking became illegal, on the 23th of May people smoked their last cigarette ever. Around the globe people were smoking as many cigarettes as they could all day long.

2030- Kim Jong emperor of the world

Kim Jong became emperor of the world through threatening a nuclear holocaust. He made everybody wear the same black uniform and forced people to watch his shitty movies. He was overthrown within 2 months.

2111- Kids are force fed Prozac in their school cafeterias

In the year 2111 every kid was forced to get Prozac at their lunch break. Nobody protested because the whole world was already high on prozac for 10 years and thought everything was ok.

2204 -The first man gives birth

On 14th of January the first man ever gave birth to a little girl. The man John Fussia was 20 when he worked in a women hormonal factory. He felt into tank of liquid and grew a uterus immediately. The child came into the world through his anus.

2287 -The last couple gets married

At the year 2287 100 percent of the marriages went into a divorce people didn’t see the use of marriage anymore. This couple was the last couple who thought they could last, they were checked in to the mental healths dept moment after they said i do.

2335 -The death of the vegetarians

The world became sick of vegetarians and tried to turn them into carnivores. When this didn’t work the president of the country formerly known as Russia made sure that every single vegetarian was killed by poisoning every vegetable on the planet. A lot of innocent carnivores died there too.

2376- The death of Jesus and Gabrielle

In the year 2359 Jesus and Gabrielle came back to earth, they grew up as normal human beings and lived a standard life as brother and sister. At age of 17 they went to their prom together because they couldn’t find dates. They got killed that night because Gabrielle spilled some punch over a dude called Girionimo Brutus. At the moment they were killed the world found out they actually were the holy spirits. It rained for 10 years.

2405 -The last straight guy

Everybody became bi sexual at the year 2405. The last straight guy is the guy above, the one without the moustache. We know that because he said he didn’t fancy any one of the hairy guys. Come ooooooooon!

2437 -No school for women

By the year 2437 the women body grew such big brains that they were 10 times more intelligent than men. Because  of their super intelligence they didn’t need to attend school anymore. The last slightly dumb girl got the last high school diploma a girl would ever get.

2767- The last white baby

The last fully white baby was born on the 29th of May. Every race was mixed with each other so much that there weren’t different races any more. Everybody was a mixture of everything.

2798- The last man without a rhythm

Because of the mixture from all the races every human being had a rhythm, one of the last people who didn’t had a rhythm is shown here on the picture. He tried, give ‘m a break.

2807 – Androids are taking over the modeling industry

Androids are taking over the modeling industry, they are build robots who look like models and don’t have to loose weight by vomiting and doing cocaine. The last model pictured above tried so hard to live up to the expectations that she died from starvation.

2978- The first robot with human pets.

At they end of the 30th century robots became so powerful that we didn’t have control of them anymore. We made some good ones though and they took good care of us.

3004- America got bombed

in the year 3004 Japan finally managed to make nuclear bombs to get back at America. But they didn’t want everybody to get cancer. So they bombed them with a special bomb. Every state of America looks like this now. The suicide rate is higher than ever.

3009- The discovery of god

Just one week ago we discovered god. We knew all along it was Morgan Freeman!  What is the meaning of life if we know who god is right? We’re probably all gonna die at 12 o’ clock tonight so hold your loved ones tight!!!

Vraag je je af waar de foto’s van de Zeitmachine blijven? Ze staan vandaag of morgen online!



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  2. 3 haha 5 januari, 2010 om 5:34 pm

    waar komen die foto’s dan te staan? :)

  3. 4 Obama jr. the IXst 10 februari, 2010 om 9:55 pm

    Well well well, why the fuck didn’t you mentioned me?

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