Wolfchild Extraordinaire

Wolfchild extraordinaire noemt Your Kid Sister zichzelf.YKS komt uit Barcelona en maakt hele fijne muziekjes die me doen denken aan Room11. Van die lekkere muziek voor zomer sessies in het park of op het balkon. Maar een nog betere beschrijving is misschien wel Max van Where The Wild Things Are in de mixer met Beirut en Room 11. Er is (nog) niet veel over bekend maar ik zeg kommaardoor met Your kid sister & The Wolfgang Orchestra. Op de myspace staat een stukje:

“The character that was created is a (duh) younger sister who, having found your Rancid records, dragged them into her room and learned to sing along. As you can tell, she never understood that Punk was a movement, a state of mind, or that she was doing it all wrong. Recorded with accordion, tambourine, violin, xylophone, bass, a million trillion vocal layers and even some banging and clapping, the album ” I waited but the wolves never came” (she literally expected the wolves to come after listening to the Rancid album “And out come the wolves”) is both an homage to my favorite punk band of all time and an indulgence into sweet, quilted, experience of childhood and melody.”

Ze hebben ook een  leuk youtube kanaal:

Noni Pony.


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