Rassion mailde met Angus & Julia Stone

Vorige maand waren Angus & Julia Stone in het land. Helaas waren ze te druk voor een tafel interview maar ze waren wel zo aardig om de tijd te nemen voor een email interview. Het is een persoonlijk interview geworden waarin we inzicht krijgen in hoe Angus en Julia opgegroeit zijn en in wat voor relaxte sfeer ze leven. We kregen de vragen iets later dan verwacht terug maar hey, zoals ze al aangeven in het interview: “I don’t think we have ever been too serious about anything— and now it feels even less like there is anything to take too seriously”

Where did you grew up?

Julia: “We grew up in a few places… our family home is in the town of newport- the northern beaches of sydney. our grandparents had a farm up in nimbin which is north nsw… where we spent our school holidays and later they moved to farm a few hours north of sydney where we spent a lot of time… a place called bindawalla…. we also grew up on the ocean. our parents both love sailing so we spent many days and nights out on the hawkesbury river and on pitwater…”

Did you fight when you grew up?

Angus: “We still do….. nah… we probably had a few punch ups when we were little ones… mostly we just avoided each other… Julia had her gang and i had mine… we did our own things… and drifted in our own little worlds….”

Can you tell us something more about your parents, how were you raised? Did it involve music?

Angus: “Dad has always been in a band… before they had us kids, mum and dad were playing music in restaurants and cafes— and dad also played in a band called ‘barnaby rudge’ named after the dickens novel… once we were born he started a covers band and they played anything from the neville brothers to fleetwood mac, the beach boys and the blues brothers music.” Julia: “Yeah… and mum was always singing. She would sing when we were in the super market buying food, at the top of her voice. People would look at her while she strolled up and down singing along to the songs that play on the radio… it was pretty cool.”

What has changed since Chocolates and Cigarettes?

Julia: “So much- it is hard to identify exactly all the things that have changed…. only i know that things have changed, things feel a little bit more relaxed. I don’t think we have ever been too serious about anything— and now it feels even less like there is anything to take too seriously. Everything, even the waiting in the airports has taken on a comic quality.”

Julia: What happened with your solo cd?

“It is sitting on a hard-drive. I have a few parts i want to finish and then to mix and master. And whenever that happens I will give it to my family for birthday presents…”

Angus: Are you planning on working on a solo cd?

“Yeah, i mean we are both always working on solo projects as well as the music we make together. We both write separately so it makes sense for us to have other avenues to get out ideas. We only have a limited amount of space on the records we make together and i think we both enjoy creating music separately as well as together… so yeah… there are more records in the mix. And i finished of a record called ‘lady of the sunshine’ last year which was fun to make.”

What did you study? Or maybe you didn’t study because you both seemed to be very creative: making music and directing your own video’s.

Julia: “I was really interested in any subject at school. School was a place that i enjoyed a lot, i felt most happy when i had lots of different ideas to think about. I liked going from a class about biology to a maths class to a cooking class and then to the history of France in the 40’s– it is such a strange place in many ways- school— but when it comes to the joy of learning there were some teachers that really got it right.”

Angus: “I really liked all the subjects at school that involved not being in class. I loved photography and wood work, textiles and design, music.. all these classes and we could just float about and kind of do whatever we felt like, as long as in the end we came up with something to show the teacher. That meant some days, cause our school was right by the beach- a class of music meant an hour in the surf.”

What’s your inspiration?

Angus: “anything and everything. The people we meet, the places we go, falling in love, falling out of love…”

Which video you directed do you like the most?

Julia: “I really enjoy ‘what you wanted’- the house we shot that video in was where our grandmother grew up. Our trip up to the house with our friends to shoot that video was such a good time. We camped by the river and looked through old books in the house that was falling apart beneath our feet… the smells of the house reminded me of being a little girl. It is such beautiful land up in nimbin… the countryside is so perfect; the horses, the rainforest, the creeks.

What do you prefer? Performing or making music in the studio?

Julia: “I like both for different reasons. Neither is better or worse- they are so so different. I like all the unknowable factors involved in playing live shows. I love that there are people in the room who we are meeting for the first time and so often they feel like family. I like the sound that is created in different venues: like old theatres have beautiful natural reverb, or churches.. like the Paradiso in Amsterdam have an incredible sound, where the drums, the guitars float around the room. I like the difficulties of dodgy P/A’s and broken monitors and drunk people spilling drinks on the stage. I like all those things… they are exciting and we never know where the night will end up.

I like being in the studio because it becomes like a little home: making tea and building a little family unit that can hang out and jam. I love hearing a song grow and evolve. I like the process and trying things that we cannot try live- for instance usually when we play live i am always playing guitar or piano… and in the studio all of the sudden there is the freedom to play any instrument over the top of the guitar or piano part, that is rad.”

Are you in a relationship?
Julia: “i am in lots of relationships”

Angus: “Ask me in six years…”

What’s the soundtrack of your life?

Julia: “Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. I used to listen to that record on repeat when i first fell in love… brings back so many beautiful memories.”

Angus: “Elliot smith- either/or”

What was the hardest thing you ever have to do in your life?

Julia: “We had a little lamb when we were children. His mother had rejected him and left him out in the field at the farm, we loved him so much and we tried so, so hard to make him healthy— but without his mothers milk he got more and more sick. Our grandfather told us that the kindest thing to do was to kill him… so we had to say goodbye and let grandpa shoot him. I remember watching as grandpa carried him out into the field and the sound of the gunshot…”

Where do you feel like home?

Julia: “Most places we visit have some kind of feeling of home. Anywhere that we stay with friends, anywhere that we have  a home cooked meal is home.”

What can we expect from you in the future?

Julia: “I have no idea. I don’t quite know what to expect from myself or anyone else….”


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    Oh, I love them! Thank you! :)

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